Birthday weekend in Hong Kong


For some reason, every time we meet up with Miss Fongand her beau, we always end up stuffing our faces with delicious food, shopping and singing our hearts out. (D and I need to start practicing rap songs to keep up! ;))

Maybe it has to do with the two cities that we live in. Singapore and Hong Kong are so different but food and shopping are definitely a common theme. Or maybe all Asian cities are like that too. Afterall, food is such a big part of our culture. I can’t wait to visit Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo!

Highlights of my trip include

Freshly baked, Delicious pineapple bun with melting butter. I devoured nearly 2!


Yummy, bite-sized French toast while we had our traditional HK brekkie.


Spicy Szechuan food with Mala. It’s the first time for me trying Mala. What a tongue numbing experience!


Not forgetting the biggest highlight for me, my Birthday dinner at the American Restaurant. Yes, it’s called the American Restaurant but it serves Peking Food!



And of course, who can forget the shopping? I’m not sure if it’s because we are in a different place but we find the designs and variety better in HK then in Singapore even for labels that we have here. Ah wells, you know what they say, the grass IS greener on the other side. 😝

Miss Fong introduces me to this great HK label called Initial. D and I bought some items there and I love how unique these pieces are.

Definitely a great bday surprise from D! Can’t wait to be back in Hong Kong!


-Miss C.

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