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South Korean, Bae Dal Mi, was so addicted to makeup that she did not wash her make-up off for 2 years! She kept it on and just touched it up. I mean look at her, she’s even quite pretty without make up on!

Is she for real? Honestly, not sure if it’s just a TV stunt but do I even need to even go into how bad that is for your skin? I would probably break out like mad if I kept my make up on for that long. The story goes that her mother was so appalled by her lack of facial hygiene that she called up this TV show in desperation to see if they could help her daughter see the error of her ways.

I love make-up and having fun with it but I’m very religious about taking it off before I go to bed, no matter how tired I am or how late I get home. I know some folks are lucky and can sleep with their make up on, wash their face with only water, etc, but I’m not fortunate like that. I’ve got to work to keep my skin pretty clear or else I’ll be breaking out (yes, even at this age!)

Thoughts anyone?? How many of you would keep your make up on for more than a day??

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