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Standing by the tower on this lovely sunny evening. Ready for a night of fun and laughter. A great way to cap off the first day of the week.

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After dinner, we headed down to the old part of Sachsenhausen where the bars were and were about to sit on some wet benches. I saw what I thought was a red cloth for cleaning on the bench and proceeded to wipe up the wet spots.. BIG MISTAKE.

It was only much later that I realized that it was someone’s cardigan. Ooops! Gosh, how could I have been so stupid??

My face was burning and I felt so bad but by the time I wanted to say sorry, they had left.

So here goes, I’m so sorry. I really am.

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Hallo and Goodbye Jun! 

It has been a hectic month as we moved into our new place. All that unpacking and setting up and what seemed like constant mopping up of renovation dust hell really disheveled my daily routine. Feeling SUPER out of loop with the blogosphere right now.

The only constant that I’ve thrown into crazy Jun was organizing Ladies night and I’m really HAPPY that I did because it’s always fun to get together and laugh. 

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Tis been awhile since I’ve done a Frankfurt Friday. Oops. Been just wrapped up with planning the move into our new place!! And it’s finally MOVE IN day! Our 1st home in Frankfurt!

Check it out it’s our container of stuff!! Welcome home! Welcome home. :)

Happy Friday People!!! Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are!! Xoxo

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And timbits. Someone send me some!!!

And I miss my Family.

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“Why don’t you move in with me?”

I sat on that question for two weeks although it was quite apparent I had already moved in.

D moved his stuff over to free up space for me even before he even asked. I had been staying over so often that he wanted me to have a place to put my stuff.
I finally said OK and that’s history. Now we are about to move into our 4th home together. To quote from one of our favorite songs together,

“Home is whenever I’m with you..”

Forgive the mess! I only had D’s shots for when he just moved in but just to give you an idea of our one bedroom apartment :)

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Until we move next Friday! I am just so wound up like a little ball of yarn. Excitement coursing through my veins. Needless to say I am totally focused on my new home right now! It’s all on my brains, all I can think about right now.

Btw, found these by accident. And we love it!! Cereal filled with Nutella like filling. Yum!

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